Genatic Research

Genetic Research

Dor Yeshorim spends millions of dollars to conduct extensive, sophisticated genetics research on diseases affecting ethnic groups within the Jewish community. We are a leading voice in the genetics field, playing an ongoing and vital role by initiating and leading genetic studies regarding the effects of both common and rare genetic disorders on individuals and communities.

Our vast expertise, coupled with an enormous databank, has made us a world renowned source for crucial information which we share with laboratories and scientists seeking to establish testing services and standards. This also allows us to run frequency testing on various diseases; based on the results we can evaluate the need to add diseases to the panel. We have been involved with identifying the mutations for Canavan Disease, Familial Dysautonomia, Nemaline Myopathy and, most recently, Joubert Syndrome. Our identification and development of a testing methodology has made it possible for these diseases to be tested for around the world. In recent years, Dor Yeshorim has developed specialized testing for the Sephardic community. Through intense research and testing development Dor Yeshorim now tests for an additional 16 diseases prevalent in the Sephardic community.

Unfortunately, many families are affected by rare genetic disorders each year.

Their children suffer debilitating effects of diseases for which the genetic mutation has yet to be identified; causing untold heartache and fear for the future. These families reach out to Dor Yeshorim and we become their lifeline, utilizing the many methods at our disposal such as Sanger sequencing, Next-Gen Sequencing, Whole Exome Sequencing and more, to first identify the genetic mutation that’s causing the disease. Once the mutation is identified we then research and develop a reliable testing method which allows the siblings to safely marry without fear of having a genetically affected child.

Our research efforts never rest. Dor Yeshorim is continuously investing tremendous resources to research, develop and utilize the most technologically advanced and reliable testing methodologies and equipment to insure consistent and reliable results for the thousands of individuals across the globe who count on us for healthy generations.

Unfortunately, many families are affected by rare genetic disorders each year.