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Our Philosophy

Dor Yeshorim was built on the premise that fatal and debilitating recessive genetic disorders, prevalent in Jewish circles, have absolutely no reason to be perpetuated.

In fact, as evidenced by the elimination of Tay Sachs, our goal is to eradicate fatal and debilitating recessive genetic disease from the Jewish community through premarital genetic screening, genetic research and the development of reliable testing methods.

The world of Dor Yeshorim

Premarital Screening

Case Specific Testing

Genetic Research

Education & Advocacy

Genetic Guidance

Central Resource

The Impact


Families have been spared from having children born with a genetic disease


Individuals are screened every year


Countries in which Dor Yeshorim has representatives


Compatibility Requests are received annually


Individuals have already joined the Dor Yeshorim Program


Mass screenings are conducted at over 400 schools Around the globe

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