Additional Screening

Additional Screening

Backed by over three decades of experience serving the global Jewish community, Dor Yeshorim is constantly involved in ongoing research.  We play an integral role in numerous groundbreaking achievements and advances, making us the go-to source for genetic guidance and information.

Their children suffer debilitating effects of diseases for which the genetic mutation has yet to be identified; causing untold heartache and fear for the future.

Unfortunately, hundreds of families are affected by rare genetic disorders each year.

 These families reach out to Dor Yeshorim and we become their lifeline, utilizing the many methods at our disposal to conduct additional screening.

Our dedicated, compassionate and highly knowledgeable staff stands ready to assist parents who: a) are concerned with genetic diseases affecting their families. b) require genetic guidance in regards to shidduchim or. c) need general guidance in navigating the complexities of genetic diseases with sensitivity and confidentiality.

If your family is affected by a genetic disease, we can help. Call our office today.  All information is kept strictly confidential.

We’re here to help.