How it Works

Our goal is to make premarital genetic testing easily accessible to all. Dor Yeshorim conducts mass screening drives at high schools, yeshivos and colleges throughout the world. Our fee is significantly below actual cost, subsidized by generous donors who understand the vital importance of the Dor Yeshorim mission. Blood samples are drawn and each participant receives an identification number – that’s it! No names are used in the process to ensure complete confidentiality. In fact, confidentiality is the backbone of our success.

The samples are then sent to a laboratory where a panel of tests is run on the most high tech equipment available. Every step of the screening process is supervised by senior inspectors with multi-tiered and redundant controls. Results are entered into a highly sophisticated database under stringent quality checks. No expense is spared to ensure that the tests are precise and comprehensive.

When an individual is considering a partner in marriage, both parties exchange ID numbers and day and month of birth and call Dor Yeshorim’s easy-access, 24 hour automated hotline to request a compatibility check. Compatibility checks are fast, unlimited and free of charge and results are relayed via a call back to the numbers registered on file.

The test results are compared in-house by our highly experienced staff; if neither or only one is a carrier for a recessive disease, the match is safe and both parties are informed they can proceed. However, if they are both found to be carriers they are informed that the match is incompatible. Dor Yeshorim offers genetic counseling for those found incompatible

Step 1

and Payment

You’ll need to know your date of birth, ancestry (Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Convert or Non-Jewish origin), maternal and paternal grandparents’ country of origin and a phone number to be kept on file. Social security number is optional and is used in case of lost ID#.

Cutting-edge genetic testing is extremely costly. Thanks to generous private sponsors, we are able to keep our fees as low as possible.

Step 2

Get a Number

You receive a Dor Yeshorim ID number. DO NOT LOSE IT!! This number will be used to check compatibility. We recommend you record the number for safekeeping. No names are recorded to ensure complete confidentiality.

Step 3


Trained phlebotomists take a small blood sample. Samples are then sent to the lab for Cutting-edge DNA testing under the supervision of senior inspectors. Dor Yeshorim genetic screening employs the most extensive, complex, and expensive molecular DNA methodologies available, performed at top laboratories.

Results are entered into our sophisticated database under multi-tiered, rigorous quality controls. School and mass screening results are ready in 3 to 4 months; private screenings in 3 weeks. Expedited results are available for an additional fee.

Checking Compatibility

As easy
as 1-2-3

As easy as 1-2-3

When a match is suggested it’s time for a compatibility check. Dor Yeshorim, rabbanim and experienced shadchanim urge everyone to check compatibility before a couple or the parents meet to avoid unnecessary heartache! Compatibility checks are fast, unlimited and free of charge.


Option 1: Both parties call Dor Yeshorim’s 24 hour hotline at 718-384-6060.
Option 2:
Click here to submit a request via an online form.


You will be prompted to enter the boy’s and the girl’s 9 digit Dor Yeshorim ID number along with the day and month of birth (the year is not necessary) as well as a phone number where you can be reached. Please note that a response regarding compatibility will only be given upon calling a phone number that is registered on file.


One of our trained representatives will call the number on file with the results, within a few business hours. In order to maintain confidentiality and privacy, you must answer the phone in person to receive the results. Results are never released to a third party, such as a shadchan. If you miss the call you will be asked to call the hotline again and reenter the information to receive a call back. When we return your call you will once again be asked for the ID# and date of birth of both parties, so please make sure to have them handy.

Important testing information

Make sure you have all the information necessary to fill out the form.
If you need us to call you back at another number, you will need to verify your information.
If you lose your ID# you will need to be retested unless your Social Security number is on file with Dor Yeshorim.
Be prepared to leave a phone number on file.
If you miss our call, you will need to call back and reenter your request.
Results are never divulged to anyone. Once tested, your results are entered in the Dor Yeshorim databank. Individuals are simply informed if a match is compatible or not.
Know that for confidentiality purposes, results will only be relayed via the phone number on file.
Please contact our office if your phone number changes.
If a match is not compatible Dor Yeshorim offers genetic counseling.
You cannot be tested if you have already been tested elsewhere, are currently engaged or are already married.