Eitan Campbell

Eitan Z’l

Eitan was just eighteen years old, in the prime of his youth when his pure soul suddenly returned to its Maker. He had a heart of gold and was known as the person to call when anyone needed anything. Eitan was always looking for ways to heal relationships. He was the Aharon HaKohen to his friends and family.

Eitan means strength and might. Eitan’s middle name was Hillel, after the great Rabbi Hillel, whose interpretations of the Torah are the basis for most of our halachos today. The name Eitan Hillel is fitting for the life he lived.

Eitan’s genius covered all areas and translated into the determined and dedicated pursuit of Torah knowledge and insight. He sought difficult answers to intricate questions in faith and halacha. Eitan left a strong message for everyone in Chinuch: that the words “I don’t know”; are the three most valuable. He set an example for others to follow, and they did; students and teachers alike.

Eitan loved life, he loved to live, and he loved to help others live. And most importantly, he truly loved his parents, siblings, family, and friends and would do anything for them. Eitan was leaving for Yeshiva in the old city of Yerushalayim less than a month before his petirah. He hoped to make it his home thereafter. He now resides eternally in Yerushalayim on High.