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Why is Dor Yeshorim focusing on hearing loss?

We have seen a steady and concerning increase in families suffering from unexplained hearing loss. As the number of families across all ancestries continued to grow, it became exceedingly clear that there was a vital need for immediate and extensive research. There are currently almost one thousand families experiencing hearing loss and in need of Dor Yeshorim’s ongoing research expertise.

What has Dor Yeshorim’s research uncovered?

Using cutting-edge genetic technology and working with laboratories and research groups across the globe – including our top-of-the-line R&D lab – with Hashem’s help, we successfully identified over 20 genes and more than 60 genetic mutations causing genetic hearing loss. Our research continues, but we cannot waste any time bringing this new panel to the public.

I have no family history of hearing loss. Is this panel still for me?

Absolutely. The genes that cause hearing loss are very common. In fact, most of the families currently experiencing hearing loss have no prior history. Testing for hearing loss is no different than testing for any other genetic disease. Anyone can be a carrier, and the chances of being a carrier for hearing loss are actually higher than many other genetic diseases.

What steps do I take if I DO have a family history of hearing loss?

Please call our office with more information so we can ensure that you are tested for the exact genetic mutation in your family. (A list of the genes and mutations can be viewed HERE). If the genetic cause has not yet been identified or confirmed, Dor Yeshorim’s extensive research department can provide cost-free answers and guidance. Please do not hesitate to reach out for these and all other unidentified/unexplained serious symptoms or issues that are potentially genetic in nature.

Is the panel a guarantee against hearing loss?

The cause for hearing loss is not always genetic; therefore, the panel does not provide a full guarantee. It is, however, a comprehensive test that will, with Hashem’s help, prevent most cases of recessive, genetically inherited hearing loss.

Rabbanim across the spectrum highly recommend that everyone be screened. If you were already screened by Dor Yeshorim, please contact the office or visit our website to add the Hearing Loss panel to your profile. Results take two weeks due to the intricacy of the testing involved. All future screening will offer the opportunity to add the Hearing Loss Panel.

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