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What We Do

  • Confidential pre-marital screening program

    Pioneering genetic compatibility. Over 25,000 young adults of marriageable age worldwide are tested annually through Dor Yeshorim school screenings. Utilizing a unique system that ensures confidentiality and therefore complete comfort and acceptance across the Jewish spectrum, Dor Yeshorim has pioneered the field of genetic compatibility, saving thousands of families untold potential heartache.

  • Genetic Research

    We’re all about genetics. Dor Yeshorim is a leading voice in the genetics field, devoting countless resources to researching and advancing our genetic expertise on behalf of Jewish communities across the globe. We utilize our vast databank and expertise to assist in establishing frequency of diseases and establish testing services and standards. We collaborate with genomic experts the world over, sharing our information and paving the way for further insights into recessive genetic disorders. Our genetic proficiency and practices ensures that thousands of boys and girls undergo pre marital genetic testing each year. In addition Dor Yeshorim annually assists hundreds of families affected by rare genetic disorders. Read More About Genetic Research.

  • Genetic Guidance

    Answering the call. In addition to offering guidance to individuals that are found to be incompatible, Dor Yeshorim answers the call of thousands of families every year, concerned with genetic issues affecting their children and their children’s shidduchim. Dor Yeshorim is the go-to source for myriad genetic question. At no cost to the families, we provide professional, compassionate and sensitive guidance and referrals.

  • Assisting families with rare genetic diseases

    Hope for healthy generations. Hundreds of families face the heartache of children affected with obscure genetic diseases. For them, standard testing is not enough, as the genetic mutation must first be painstakingly identified and carefully researched. Only then can reliable, case specific testing methods be developed. Dor Yeshorim employs a dedicated team to work hand in hand with these families and spares no cost in applying its expertise to help prevent the reoccurrence of the diseases in those families. Dor Yeshorim’s vital assistance is their only hope of ensuring healthy, future generations.

  • Education and Advocacy

    Education is key. Dor Yeshorim is passionate about educating communities about preventing genetic diseases. Our education outreach includes community awareness regarding genetic diseases, medical conditions, and the importance of early testing. We provide community leaders and Rabbis with the information they need to know about genetic issues so that they may better counsel their constituents, and we educate across the board about the social, ethical and moral issues involve with genetic screening.

    Dor Yeshorim representatives visit schools to explain the specifics of the testing process and provide an insightful overview of the genetics involved. This serves to create a broader understanding of the importance of genetic testing and the immeasurable value of using the Dor Yeshorim system in a timely fashion when a match is proposed.

  • Central Resource of Jewish Genetic Diseases

    A leading voice. Our reputation and expertise have made us the global resource in genetics for Jewish communities across the globe. Dor Yeshorim functions as a highly proficient and important resource for information and development of genetic testing criteria. We constantly advocate for advances in genetic research, innovations and screening, collaborating with genomics experts the world over to share our vast knowledge on behalf of our communities and the Jewish population at large.