About The Dor Yeshorim Program:
Dor Yeshorim is an organization committed to preventing and eliminating Jewish genetic diseases. We screen an astounding 25,000 young adults across 11 countries annually and offer guidance and future prevention measures to families whose children are affected with genetic disease. Dor Yeshorim stands at the forefront of genetic research and is responsible for the identification of numerous genetic mutations.
During mass/school screening events (or private appointments) blood is drawn for testing and each participant receives a nine- digit Identification number. Blood samples are sent for intensive DNA analysis and results entered into a centralized database. Individuals seeking a partner in marriage have unlimited, 24 hour access to the Dor Yeshorim automated hotline where they are asked to enter both parties’ ID number and day and month of birth. Within a few business hours a trained specialist returns the call and informs both parties whether or not they are compatible. Couples found to be incompatible are offered guidance and assistance.
Dor Yeshorim screens for fatal and debilitating recessive genetic diseases prevalent in the Jewish population – both Ashkenazi and Sephardi- worldwide.

Our current standard Ashkenazi panel consists of 9 diseases. We also offer an optional testing panel of 7 additional Ashkenazi diseases; these diseases are less commonly found, yet share the same severity as the standard panel of diseases. You can request this optional panel of testing for an additional $75. The Sephardi panel of tests was recently introduced following years of research and development in response to the growing occurrences of genetic diseases specific to the Sephardic population. It includes testing for 16 diseases.

For a list and description of the diseases we currently screen for click here.

Dor Yeshorim tests for incurable, recessive diseases, prevalent in the Jewish population that have proven to be fatal and/or seriously debilitating. It is important to understand that when considering diseases for inclusion on the testing panel, contrary to what other testing centers may have you believe, more is less. While there are hundreds of possible genetic diseases, global scientific experts recommend testing for only a handful of them. It is those diseases and select others as determined by our years of research as well as our medical advisory board, which are included on the Dor Yeshorim testing panels.

We follow the global industry standard of only testing for genetic diseases once a reliable result can be ascertained, and the manifestations of the actual diseases are clear-cut. In fact, Dor Yeshorim utilizes over three decades of experience serving the Jewish community and our extensive database to help develop the standard. Each year, we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on research, in an effort to expand the testing panels to include reliable testing for additional diseases. Diseases are added to the Dor Yeshorim panels in conjunction with the recommendations of the ACMG (American College of Medical Genetics) the Israeli Health Ministry, and our Medical Advisory Board.

For more information about our testing criteria policy please click here

Even the savviest consumer is daunted when faced with the knowledge that they are a carrier of a harmful genetic disease. Knowing one’s carrier status has proven to cause an unnecessary emotional burden as well as the stigmatization of families, jeopardizing future marriage matches. The disclosure of this information presents significant negative emotional and logistical ramifications. Dor Yeshorim was established under the guidance of rabbinical authorities from across the Jewish spectrum who recognized this moral dilemma and therefore established that carrier status remain strictly confidential.

For more information about our confidential policy please click here.

The term carrier refers to an individual whose DNA contains a mutated gene. Everyone is a carrier of at least a few of the widely varied genetic diseases. It is important to know that being a carrier does not affect an individual’s health in any way. It is only the marriage between two individuals with mutations of the same disease that can result in offspring that will manifest the disease.
Yes. Dor Yeshorim is a compatibility program. In order to assess if both parties are compatible both parties must be screened by Dor Yeshorim.
As a charitable non-profit organization, Dor Yeshorim depends on the generosity of caring individuals from around the globe to help subsidize the astronomical costs of ongoing research, screening, genetic guidance and assistance for family who have children affected with genetic diseases. Your donation today can ensure tomorrow’s healthy generations.

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Getting Tested:
Dor Yeshorim arranges mass screenings at over 400 schools and Yeshivos in 11 countries worldwide, providing a simple way to ensure every boy and girl has the opportunity to be tested before he or she reaches marriageable age. We also have representatives in most populated Jewish cities around the world for individual screening. To find the screening site closest to you click here.
Please contact us at 718-384-6060 or at info@doryeshorim.org and our dedicated representatives will gladly assist you.
Dor Yeshorim offers four testing results options:
1. School and mass screenings: 3-4 months
2. Upgrade the results timing of school and mass screening to priority status: 2-3 weeks.
Upgrade must be requested at the time of the test.
3. Regular priority tests conducted privately at one of our representatives: 2-3 weeks.
4. Emergency testing: 4-7 business days. Available exclusively in Brooklyn, New York.
DNA analysis conducted by Dor Yeshorim can cost thousands of dollars. However, in order to ensure that everyone within the community can afford pre-marital genetic testing our fee is drastically less than actual cost. Dor Yeshorim’s genetic testing, groundbreaking research, cutting-edge technology and modern laboratories are all subsidized by donors around the globe who share our passion for the health and wellbeing of future generations.

Within the US:
Regular test: $275
School/mass screening: $200
Emergency test: $450

Outside the US:
Please contact our local representative for rates.

Parents are notified a few weeks prior to all school screening events. For more information, please contact our office and a representative will gladly assist you.
Dor Yeshorim welcomes all inquiries regarding arranging school screening. Please feel free to call our office and our representatives will gladly assist you.
Dor Yeshorim relies on complex DNA analyses. DNA extracted from blood is much more potent and reliable then DNA extracted from saliva. Blood gives us the ability to ensure that your results are accurate and conclusive.